Thursday, November 18, 2010

 I am Shravan,23 year old guy living in Bangalore, Karnataka…. I would like to know u all out here. I am open to friendship and any relationship with ladies. Please do mail me at my Email id. secrecy and Good relationship is promised. Waiting to hear from u all. Please mail me your response to a fantasy story of mine that This story takes place when I was eighteen and my mom was thirty-seven. Her name is Nisha and she is very attractive. What I like most about mom is her facial features. She has wavy hair that flows to her shoulders. Dark black eyes that twinkle when she laughs a certain way. Bright white teeth set in perfectly in her small mouth. Mom is about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She has a very nice figure with shapely hips and a 36C bust (I found that out when I checked out her clothes in the laundry). She has great looking legs.
Firm long legs that give me an erection whenever I get a revealing look up her dress. As for me, my name is Shravan .I’m 5′ 9 weigh 65 Kgs. and enjoy working out like mom. My manhood is six inches long . Oh, one other thing, I was terribly shy at this point in my life and lacked confidence in just about everything (despite being a student). It was so bad, there was only one person who I was not shy around and that was Nisha, my mom.
It was my eighteenth summer and mom and I did everything together. I had very few friends and oddly she didn’t have many either. She had dated for a few years and when I asked her why nothing ever worked out, she shrugged and said none of them were her type. Kidding around she smiled and said, “They have to compete with you and that’s a tough job,” and with that she smiled.
It happened while mom and I went to this summer resort for two weeks. This place had everything, horseback riding, tennis, weight room and a swimming pool. At night they had a band and mom and I shared some drinks. Well mom and I were having a good time that first night and even danced together a few times. She had some trouble persuading me but I finally got up the nerve.
While we were dancing to a slow number, mom’s breasts were rubbing against my chest. Wow, I thought to myself, I could even feel her nipples through the thin material of her blouse. Needless to say that’s not the only thing I could feel. My prick became a steel rod in no time flat. Realizing that mom could possibly feel it too, I started to back away. Oddly, mom would have none of that. She placed both hands on my butt and drew me to herself.
“Where do you think you’re going mister,” as she smiled gently and pressed her breasts closer against me.”Uh, nowhere,” was all I could manage to say. As it turned out that was the last song for the night. Mom and I walked back to our room and as we did, she grabbed a hold of my hand. Funny how she smiled the whole time we walked back. The moon was almost full and I knew I was in love with my mother. Not the legitimate kind of motherly love, but I wanted to love my mother like a girlfriend.
I wanted to hold her in my arms and squeeze her tight. Oh to be able to deeply kiss her open mouth and caress her tongue with mine. I wanted to take her to bed and remove all her clothes. I wanted to examine every inch of her nakedness and then go back and lick the same area once again. I wanted to make love to my mother and bring her to an earth shaking orgasm and finally inject my sperm deep within her womb.
Mom noticed I was deep and thought and asked me, “What’s up tiger?”
What could I say? I answered somewhat unconvincingly, “Nothing really,” followed by “I love you mom.”She squeezed my hand, smiled and said, “I love you too.”When we were in our room I was first to get ready for bed. I tried to exit the bathroom without mom seeing the tenting in my pajamas. My erection was so hard it hurt.
I don’t think I was successful in hiding my agitated state because I saw her look directly at my crotch and could have sworn I heard her say, “Uhmm.” I was under the covers when she came out in a little baby doll outfit that really showed off her thighs and her nicely shaped breasts. With the lights out I knew I was going to have to relieve myself. I had to be very quiet because mom and I shared the room. I had one queen size bed and mom the other. I waited for about ten minutes, even pretending to snore in case if mom did catch me, maybe she would think I’m doing it in my sleep.
What happened next blew me away. Before I had a chance to start pumping my rod,
I noticed mom slowly pulling the covers down. I continued to pretend to be asleep excited by shadowy glimpse of my mom’s legs pushing the covers the down. I made sure my breathing didn’t change so mom wouldn’t get suspicious that I was awake.
Mom then pulled her panties down and raised her gown up. “Wow!” I thought! Here was my beautiful mother showing me her mostly nude body in profile. In my eighteen years of life I had never seen a live nude woman. Now I was watching my mother about to undertake a very intimate sexual act.
What I saw next would have surely caused me to blow my load if I touched myself just a little bit. I could see my mom’s breasts in profile. They looked beautiful. Not too big and definitively not small. Her nipples looked to be close to an inch long and rooted firmly on what I would call perky breasts.
Since I was on mom’s left side, I had a good view as she played with her cunt using her right hand. I could definitely see some of her fur on top of the mound between her legs. Mom was rubbing vigorously and I could see her chest rising and falling rapidly. She must have been very excited because she had to put her left hand over her mouth to keep herself quiet. Even so when she finally did orgasm, I could hear a muffled cry. Oh, oh, ohh,” was the muffled words that escaped from her.
I must have shook from all the excitement because she quickly glanced in my direction. Fortunately I was able to close my eyes in time and make some snoring sounds. After that mom got herself together and fell quickly asleep. I on the other hand still needed to relieve myself. Unsnapping my pajama bottoms I lowered them enough so that I could play with my cock and balls. When I masturbate, I like to massage my testicles while stroking my prick. Needless to say it didn’t take long for me to cum. Just looking at mom as I stoked my tool was sending shivers down my spine.
I then fantasized that instead of her fingers petting her pussy, it was my tongue and that I was lapping up all her love juices. Well that did it. The next thing I knew I felt my seed rushing up from my balls through my rod and spurt after spurt, shot out of top and all over the place. It was so powerful some even landed on my face. I tried to be quiet but I couldn’t help moaning. I quickly looked at mom but could see no sign that she had noticed my activity.
My sheets were pretty wet and I remember thinking just before I fell asleep, that I hoped they would be dry by morning. The next day was sunny and warm. Just another day in Paradise and with my mom by my side it truly was. After lunch we went swimming. Mom asked how she looked in her new black one piece and I enthusiastically said, “Really hot.”
She laughed and said, “You’re just trying to make your old mom feel good.”
I told her, “Wearing that bathing suit is what’s making me feel good.” I couldn’t believe I said that to my own mom. But she just laughed and squeezed the side of my head against her breasts. The very same ones I had seen uncovered the night before.
She then smiled and said in a different sought of way “Oh I do love you!” I didn’t know how to take it so I just hugged her and said, “I really love you too mom! That evening was much the same as the night before. We had a very cozy candlelight dinner. Before going dancing we went for a nice twilight walk. Mom once again took my hand and we had a wonderful time talking about everything and nothing.
I remember what a beautiful sunset it was and how happy the two of us were. It seemed as if we both knew this would be a magical night that would change our lives forever. After asking mom to dance, mom commented, “You’re not your usual shy self. What’s up?” I replied as honest as I could, “Being with you is so much fun that I forgot to be shy.” She smiled and said, “Let’s go out and look at the stars.”
Mom led the way. We moved to secluded area not far from our room and sat on the grass looking up at the sky. After about fifteen minutes our eyes got used to the dark and we were able to see the sky filled with stars. Even with the full moon the starlight was quite bright in the sky. After a little bit, mom started asking some personal questions. “Shravan have you ever been with a girl before? You know in a sexual sense.”
“Uh…no.,” I replied.
“Have you ever seen a girl naked before?”
“Gee mom, why are you asking this?” I said.
Mom answered, “You and I are like best friends and I just thought we should be able to share these things. So what is it? Have you seen a girl naked before?” Well I didn’t quite know how to answer so I got all shy like and lowered my eyes to the ground. Mom took that as an invitation to tickle wrestle the answer out of me.
You see since I was little she and I would tickle wrestle each other. Tickling each other till one of us got the other down on the ground and surrendered. So we started to tickle wrestle. Since mom had the element of surprise, she started to win. It didn’t help that I had a huge erection once again and as we wrestled, I’m sure she could feel it. She even brushed against it once or twice.
Although she was winning at first, I fought back and was soon able to get her on the ground pinning her arms down. What happened next changed our lives forever. Mom tilted her head, smiled broadly as the moon and the stars showed the twinkle in her eyes. To this day I don’t know what gave me the courage to proceed. It’s almost as if I read my mother’s thoughts and needs as I gazed in to her beautiful brown eyes.
The same burning need and desire that dwelt within me. It seemed her eyes were speaking to me, “It’s ok there are no boundaries now. Only love sweet love.” I let go over her arms and slowly carefully bent my head down, prepared to stop at the first sign of resistance but there was none. Carefully I placed my lips on moms’. She responded by opening her mouth and allowing me to enter.
I wish I could describe those first few moments as my tongue caressed hers and we each deeply explored the other’s mouth. I honestly don’t know who moaned more but I can say that I felt my manhood leaking a considerable amount of love juice. After about five minutes we finally broke off.
Mom spoke first. “So now that you know my true feelings. I love you as a lover and not just a son. Am I a terrible mother?” Shocked, I replied, “Don’t ever say that. I have felt this way about you since I was fourteen. I can now finally share my most intimate thoughts about you. I can even tell you I masturbated last night thinking about you.”
“So that’s who you were thinking about last night when you played with your manhood,” mom said.
“You saw me?” I gasped. Coyly she smiled and nodded.
“Then who were you thinking about when you were masturbating last night?” I asked. “You,” she replied gleefully and without remorse.
“Wow!” was all I could say. “Well mom where do we go from here?” I questioned.
Mom replied, “I think we should leave further discussion for a later time and adjourn to our bedroom.”
I was not about to argue and so helping her up, we then walked back to the room with our arms around each other. Once inside, mom and I embraced again and hotly kissed for several minutes. I groaned as we broke off. Mom then worked on quickly removing my clothes. First the shirt then shoes, socks, pants, until I was only left with my shorts.
Mom noticed how wet my briefs were in the front and asked, “Did you already…. You know…” “Cum?” I replied answering her question. “No, I said it’s just pre-cum. When I do cum, it usually is a lot.” Mom then gently lifted the waistband and in one fast motion drew my shorts to my ankles.
Stepping quickly out of them I was now as naked as the day I was born. My prick pointed boldly, unashamedly in front of mom. Mom got up and hugged me tightly making sure my cock rubbed her crotch.
As she did, she said seductively “I have wanted you this way for quite some time. Now we can truly love one another and satisfy each other’s fantasies.” Taking that as an opportunity to proceed I unhooked the back of dress and pulled the zipper down. I then lowered her half-slip to the ground. She had already kicked off her shoes so next I pulled down her panty hose and helped her step out of them.
At last we were down to the bare essentials. However as I tried to unhook her bra I got hopelessly lost. Such things were beyond an inexperienced eighteen years old.
Mom just laughed and said she would handle that. Mom easily unhooked her bra and allowed me my first clear view of her breasts.
“Oh mom they are beautiful.” I cried.
They truly were too. Although thirty-seven, my mom’s breast had shown no sign of sagging. Those boobs had large pointed nipples that pointed upward. The brown area around the nipples were maybe a quarter (no larger) in size, with little bumps circling the dark outer portion of the nipple itself.
As I looked down, I admired her flat firm belly that showed only slight signs of her ever having given birth to me.
Now was the moment I had been waiting for. I was finally about to remove the last piece of my mother’s clothing. Feeling it was only right somehow, I fell to my knees in honor of the act I was about to perform. I was about to look upon the orifice that first ushered me into this world. To gaze upon the sex of the woman I loved.
Urging me on, mom took my hands and placed them on the waistband of her panties. Quickly now I yanked them down till they puddle at her feet. Looking up I saw mom letting out a soft moan as the cool evening air caressed her loins.  At last my mother’s womanhood was just inches from my face. I gazed intently on her pubic triangle covered with soft curly hair. Although I could see nothing more of her pussy, there was a certain smell that I found terribly arousing. I can’t explain it other than to say it was a musky type of fragrance.
While I was about to explore further, mom spoke, “Come let’s go on the bed.” Gladly I climbed up and began kissing my mom some more. After a short while she said, “I can’t wait any longer. I have to taste you.” In my innocence, not knowing what she meant I asked, “What do you mean?” Will it hurt?” She laughed and replied, “No silly haven’t you and your friends ever discussed a Blow Job? It’s where I suck your penis until you have an orgasm.”
Now I understood and laughing with her I said, ” I heard of one, but never saw one.” Then she said boastfully, “Well big boy when I get through with you you’ll never forget it.” Mom began by first gently kissing my lips and then moving to my tits. She then took turns sucking on each of my nipples. Oddly enough they got hard and then she gently pinched them. However instead of hurting it felt really neat.
So much so that my cock began leaking again. Upon seeing this mom slid down to taste my penis. Using her tongue she licked the head of my eight-inch shaft as if it was a giant lollipop. Having never felt anything quite like this sent shivers through me. However unlike last night I was able to moan as much as I like. “Oh god mom that feels awesome,” I groaned. Upon hearing my moan my mom asked slyly, “Is this what you want? Do you like having me lick your cock? Do you want mommy to give you a Blow Job?”
Shouting out, I said, “Yes mommy this is what I want! This is what I’ve always wanted! Please suck my cock and make me cum!” Mom then moved on to my balls. Earnestly licking each one causing my entire scrotum to retract. Meanwhile my testicles continued to gather up sperm for the up-coming explosion.  The twitching in my prick caused my balls to rub against each other and my scrotum to become firm and rubbery.
Finally mom moved in earnest and took my trembling shaft of my prick into her mouth and began to suck eagerly. As I looked towards my feet I saw an incredible sight. There was my naked mother kneeling next to me. I could see her boldly sucking my rod, her head bobbing up and down, her beautiful breasts hanging down and jiggling back and forth.
To top it off her butt was pointed high in the air just begging to be held and kneaded. Mom now was ready to pull out all the stops and she did that next. I was on the verge of Cumming as mom continued to piston her mouth up and down the length of my prick, taking as much semen as she could along the way. Suddenly I felt it. My mom’s finger was at my anal sphincter. Very gently she applied pressure to my anus and began tickling it.
That set off one of the most explosive orgasms I have ever had. I will attempt to describe it, but truthfully words can’t do it justice. As mom rhythmically sucked and stroked my shaft with her cute little mouth, she simultaneously was caressing my anal opening with her finger. This caused the anal muscles to open and close rather quickly. In turn the muscles surrounding my prostate became excited. I couldn’t hold back so my cum began exploding from the walnut shaped organ.
The rest is history. A tremendous amount of built up seed mixed with the cum from my prostate and began its journey up my throbbing shaft, wanting nothing more than to explode in my own mother’s mouth. Now every muscle in my pelvic region was going into spasm as if in an effort to help mom suck the massive load of spunk about to expel from my pulsating cock. “Oh mom…oh mom…oh mom…oh.” I cried. “I’m going to shoot…I mean, I’m Cumming, Oh god I’m Cumming,” I shouted.
I wanted to warn her so she wouldn’t get a mouthful of cum. However, that was her plan and nothing was going to stop her from getting a generous mouthful of her son’s sperm. Then I exploded. I could feel the cum shoot up the shaft aided by my mother’s intense sucking and the throbbing of my dick, helping it out of the top of my shaft. Spurt after spurt shot into mother’s throat as my pelvis bounced up and down helping to propel my cum deeper into my mother’s mouth.
Although mom tried to swallow it all it was just too much and she wound up spilling about the last two spurts down my cock. “Oh mom that was awesome. You really are the sexiest woman in the world.” She just smiled, climbed up on top of me and kissed me deeply. I eagerly responded. Strange, even though I could taste my own sperm, it didn’t bother me because it was coming from my mom it was ok.
After we broke off our kiss, I gently held my mom and said softly in her ear, “Now it’s your turn. I want to explore every inch of your body and taste it too.” She shivered with excitement when I said that and said with her voice quivering, “Oh yes, please do! I’m burning with desire for you.” So I rolled my mother on her back and straddled her. Bending over I began to plant kisses on her forehead, eyelids, cheeks and neck. Passionately I kissed mom once more while engaging our tongues in playful battle.
I broke off our kiss, smiled and informed her, “I’ll be back in a little bit.” I then began my slow descent down my mother’s body, as she lay still, eagerly yielding herself to whatever may come. I continued planting kisses till at last I reached my mother’s breasts. Gently taking her right nipple in my mouth, I suckled it as if wanting to draw warm milk from it, like when I was a baby.
Not having done this since I was a baby, I was exploring new ground. I began to twirl my tongue around the top of her tits and was rewarded with a loud moan coming from mom “Ohhhh…. yessss! Shravan that feels wonderful.” Wanting to explore further but not wanting to neglect the other breast, I repeated the same action on the left breast.
Having now suckled and teased both breasts to mine and mom’s satisfaction I moved down to my mom’s firm stomach and began blowing warm air from my breath into her navel. I was now about to enter the site that I had so longed to see. I was about to experience for real what I had only fantasized about. I was going to look, smell and taste my mom’s pubic region.
Though I knew the anatomy and had actually seen pictures of it, I was about to have it all first hand. Kneeling between my mom’s legs, she eagerly spread herself wide open. Being very athletic and flexible she was able to spread her legs quite wide. Please baby, have your way with me,” she spoke encouraging me. All I could say next was, “Wow!”
Mom’s pussy lips were glistening with the love dew that must have been coming from her vaginal canal. As I approached her womanhood, I could once again smell that erotic musky smell issuing forth from her cunt. It was so exciting I found my cock getting hard again.”Oh mom you smell wonderful.” I said.”I’m glad you like it” she said like an innocent child. Gazing at my mom’s pussy I knew I had to taste her. For the first time since I exited her birth canal I was returning for a completely different reason. Before
I brought her pain now I wanted to only bring her pleasure. Slowly, I brought my tongue in contact with my mom’s pussy lips. Gently I flicked it over the skin folds. Wanting to explore further I took my fingers and separated the skin folds of her cunt. This allowed me an excellent view of my mom’s vaginal opening. There was a pool of love juice that I eagerly slurped up. Meanwhile, poor mom sounded like she was losing complete control.
“Oh my…, Oh God…, Oh fuck.,” she gasped. Moving up I looked for the clitoris. I remember being told this was a woman’s hot button. I was pretty sure I found it and so began to assault it with my tongue. What followed, assured me that I had found the right spot. Mom started to rub her crouch against my nose, lips and chin, almost like she was trying to face fuck me. She literally ground her pussy against my face. It was incredible!
Poor mom, at this point she lost it. She was moaning and crying all sorts of things. Finally I heard her cry out. Oh Shravan…I’m cumming…Oh yes, I’m cumming…Aagghh.” I continued to hold on as she was in the throes of her orgasm, all the while continuing to attack her pussy with my tongue. Finally mom slowed down as the orgasm began to die. As I lifted myself off her, I must have been a funny sight. My face was covered with the nectar from her vagina and mom started to laugh as I licked my upper lip.
She looked pretty interesting herself gasping for air with and her face and chest red from experiencing such a powerful orgasm. Anyway, we both laughed till I collapsed on her. Holding me tightly she said, “You’re all the lover a woman could hope to have.” I replied with all sincerity, “That’s only because I have you as my lover.” After a few minutes Mom said, “There is still one piece of unfinished business.  One of us is still a virgin and I think it’s time we changed that.
My cock was now rock hard and eagerly rubbing against my mom’s thigh like a schoolboy about to lose his virginity, which was exactly the case. So while mom began to passionately kiss me, she spread her thighs again. Next she took my cock and placed them between her well-lubricated pussy lips. Before I had a chance to plunge within her depths she broke off the kiss to warn me.I haven’t had a chance to get back on the pill so for now you can’t cum inside me. When you’re ready to shoot, pull out and cum on my belly.”
With nothing else to stop me, I slowly sunk my cock into my mother’s vagina. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I have jerked off using a palm covered in oil, but nothing had prepared me for the soft, warm, squeezable feel of a woman’s pussy. And not just any pussy! My very own wonderful loving mom’s pussy! The woman I loved more than anyone in the whole world not just because she was my mom, but my lover too. To think the last time I was here I was just coming into the world.
Mom was really hot and was easily able to take all eight inches though she did say the thickness of my cock made her feel tight. As I began to pump in and out  I reached down with my mouth and grabbed a hold of one of my mom’s boobs. In the process I accidentally nipped it with my teeth.
Oohh…, that feels hot”. Mom said. Seeing that she seemed to enjoy it, I began to gently chew on each of her nipples. Doing this and running my prick up and down her slippery, wet, canal was having the desired effect on my mom. Oh yea baby, fuck me, fuck me hard! I want to feel you’re pelvis grinding against mine. Make your mom cum again. Make me explode!” she cried.
Holding nothing back, I had mom raise her legs up high and outstretched. I began to piston my cock in and out of hole as fast and hard as I could. With each thrust downward I could feel my pelvic bone hit her hairy mound, while at the same time my balls slapped against the cheeks of her ass.
I knew that I would not be able to keep this pace forever. The feel of my mom’s pussy gushing juices from her pussy, along with aromatic scent it gave off as it anointed my prick was bringing me closer to an orgasm.
I could once again feel my sperm gathering and preparing to launch itself from my prick as I pumped faster and faster into her hot slippery vagina. Fortunately I didn’t have to worry for mom was just about to cum herself. Oh yes baby. Don’t stop fucking me! I’m on the edge!” she cried. After a couple of more times of feeding my thick dick down that juicy hole she shouted out. “That’s it! I’m cumming! Oh Shravan, I’m…I’m…I’m…cumming…Ohhhh!”
At this point mom looked like someone in the throes of a seizure. Her arms were holding me tight, her pelvis was jumping up to meet my every down thrust and her legs were pumping up and down. While all the while her cunt continued to get wetter and wetter This was all too much for me. My time had come and so I warned her. “I’m going to shoot mommy I can’t hold back any longer.” She replied breathlessly, “Go for it baby. Please just pull out.”
With that I pumped a couple of more times before I did. Cum was now racing
through my cock and up through my shaft. Just in time, I pulled out and placed my prick on my mom’s furry pubic mound.  All the while my pelvis was pushing back and forth literally fucking thin air until it came to rest on my mom’s hairy triangle. I then cried out, “Here it comes!”
Immediately, my dick exploded and launched stream after sticky stream of hot cum. Moaning loudly, I grunted. Oh my., Oh., Oh., Ugh.” With that I watched as the first load jettisoned forward and hit my dear mother in the forehead. Ohhhh.” She cried out. The next two hit her in the right eye and mouth. Additional shots of cum landed on her chest and belly before finally coming to a pulsating maddening end.
Mom looked up at me when I was finished and said smiling, “Boy when you cum, you certainly do cum.” After this mom and I took a shower together making sure we had ample time to explore the others bodies. Later in bed, we gently caressed each other like lovers do. That night there was no sleeping in separate beds. We began a new journey together. A journey of Love and Pleasure

Trained To Be A Slut

My sister Rehana came back from her husband’s house only after 7 days of her marriage and declared that she would never go back to her husband as he was an animal. I heard my mother say to my wife Zahira,”Rehana won’t go to her husband, you ask what the real reason is. To me she only says that Shahid is an animal. I don’t know what it means, Bahu” Zahira told me,” Have you heard Rehana is back for good?”
I said yes, but “Why?” She looked at me and said,” How do I know? I will have to talk about it.” I had doubts about my sister. Rehana had never been in male company. She had been taught in a religious way by our khala, Tahira. My sister was very close to our Khala but now Khala had gone to England. So my wife had to talk to Rehana. Rehana was not bad looking but she never dressed up properly. She kept her hair oiled and seemed not interested in men.
“May be Rehana was not comfortable with Shahid….I mean women are not open to lovemaking as men expect them to be. Most men want women to be sluts in bed, I can understand that” I tried to reason with Zahira“I know, I know” replied my wife, “but deep down Rehana is a good healthy lady, I don’t know what must have happened. I will tell you only when I have talked to her”
As a brother, I was very upset for Rehana. My wife went into my sister’s room and I left for my friend’s house. My friend told me “Such things happen when man or woman is more open or too timid or reluctant in bed.” he told me when I explained him the situation. When I came back my wife had strange thing to tell me.
“Your sister is ignorant of the pleasures of sex. To her Shahid’s behavior was bad. She did not let him fuck her on the wedding night. Whatever was done was done by force. Shahid slapped her, forced her to undress, made her suck his dick by force and she was repulsed. Her husband forced her to take his cock in her hand and say Lund, but she would not do it.
He would have even raped her if she had not run to her mother in law’s room. Rehana has been too strictly religious. Your sister needs careful training in bed with a male who understands her and can teach her the art of Chudayi, to shed her shyness and become a real slut as expected by Shahid. Do you have any idea who that man is going to be, Latif?”
“Oh Zahira, you can’t be serious? She is just a normal girl and whatever is lacking in my sister can be taught her by you. I don’t understand the idea of teaching her to fuck, every woman knows it very well. And moreover who can we let my sister fuck?” I replied. Please, try to understand. Rehana has to know that fucking is pleasurable to man and woman, that a woman opens her legs to receive the joy of life and that Lund is the tool to heaven.
I have an idea, we can make her open by making her drink a little of whiskey and then would arrange for her to see us fuck, suck and talk dirty and enjoy our wildest chudayi. I hope she will heat up and then will be attracted to do the same. Rehana has to see her Bhaijaa’s mast LUND, fucking her bhabi like whore. That will show her what Shahid wanted to give her. OK?”
Reluctantly I agreed knowing that it would not be easy to do so.
Theat evening Zahira asked me to bring a bottle of whiskey and at night filled three glasses for the three of us. I knew she was trying to unwind my sister. Then Zahira played a sexy film which seemed to interest my sister. She would touch my thigh and kiss me in front of her and she stared at us and then lowered her eyes. Rehana was wearing a sleevless dress which showed thick black hair in her armpits. Zahira said with disgust,” Rehana, what is this, do you not shave your armpits? Sweat stinks, darling, let me shave it for you.” Rehana left reluctantly and bot ladies went into the bath room.
I drank a couple of glasses and took my wife and sister’s glass in teh bathroom. Zahira was doen wirg the armpits and was asking,” Rehana, kia tum jhanten bhi kat leti ho ya vo bhi essi hi hain?(Rehana, do you have your pubic hair or they are like your armpits?) Mard jhanten pasand nahin karte, tere bhaijaan meri chut ko khud shave karte hain, sach(men dont like hair on cunt, your brother shaves my cunt himself),” I heard Rehana exclaim,” Hai Allah, Bhabi aap kitni besharam ho! Aap bhaijaan se shave karwati hain? Mujhe to bahut sharam aati hai.(Oh god, you are shameless, you allow my brother to shave you, I am so shy?)”
I stopped before the bathroom door with beating heart. My heart was beating furiously and my cock had made a tent in my pants although my wife was with my real sister. My imagination was wandering in the bathroom. “Was my wife making my sister naked? Was Zahira touching Rehana’s chut?” I could not wait tpo see but stopped myself,” Zahira, your glasses are here. Should I hand them to you in the bathroom?” Rehana cried out,” Na bhaijaan, tum ruko(no brother, you stop outside)” Zahira said,”We are coming out in a minute, zara intzar to karo(wait a littlr)”
I returned rubbing my hardening cock and drank another glass. I felt intoxicated. Some 15 minutes later the ladies returned. My sister looked a different woman. Her hair had been shampooed and she looked a sexy girl. “Ab pehchano apni behan ko, kissi film ki heroine lagti hai na? Kapdon ke bina aur bhi sexy dikhe gi(look at your sister. Doesn’t she look like the heroine of a film? Without clothes, she will look even more sexy!). I blushed at teh vulgar praise of my sister. The women resumed drinking their drink.
My wife was trying to touch my sister at every pretext and cup her ample boobs. My sister’s face was growing red with shame and excitement and whiskey. Just then Zahira stood up and came and sat near me and took my cock in her hands,” Kia baat hai Latif, aaj bahut bada ho raha hai ye shaitan? Lagta hai meri chu…..ka bura haal hone wala hai….Sharab ke baad mujeh bahut utejna ho jati hai….chalo jaldi se drink khatamkaro aur mujeh mujhe jannat dikhayo(Why is this devil becoming so large? It seems my cum…is going to be devastated. Whiskey makes me very excited…now finish your drink and show me heaven)” She laughed without shame.
Rehana did not know what to say. I finished my drink and Zahira took me in my room. She did not bolt or even close the door. The light was on when she pounced on me,” Latif meri fuddi mein aag lagi hui hai, jaldi se bujha do ye aag. Nangi kar do mujhe, chod dalo mujhe apne lund se Ah khuda, mujhe tera lund chahiye abhi( Latife my pussy is on fire, please cool this fire. Make me nude and fuck me with your cock. Oh god, I need you cock Now)” I fumbled with her clothes and she pulled my pants down and threw my shirt away. I had managed to take poff her salwar and kamiz and underneath she wore nothing.
Let me tell you my wife is dark complexioned but she has beautiful tits, pert and high, long legs, a shaven cunt and a beautiful ass. Zahira was riding me and rubbing her cunt on my hard cock,” Ohhhhh behnchod, jaldi karo, Latif, (Oh sister fucker hurry up) Mujh se intzar nahin hota(I can’t wait)” I could see someone peeping between the curtains and knew she was peeping out of curiousity. I mouthed Zahira’s nipple and ran my hands on her ass,” Sali, mujhe behnchod bolti hai, tera khasam hoon.
Main nahin chodunga to kaun chodega tujhe, randi? You bitch, You call me sisterfucker, I am your husband, if I dont fuck you who else will?” She clung to me even tighter,” Agar behnchod bhi ban jayo to tazub na ho ga, sale teri behan hai hi itni sexy ke koi bhi chod le. Tu maderchod, kissi se kam hai?( If you become a sisterfucker, it won’t be a surprise. You sister is so sexy that anyone will want to fuck her and you motherfucker is as good as anyone”
I knew my sister must have a wet cunt now and that made me even hotter to fuck both my wife and sister. You may think I am a pervert but it is true athat horniness and drink was making me blind in lust. I was sucking my wife’s boobs and imagining them to be Rehana’s. “Mera lund pakad kar sehlayo, meri jaan, main bahut garam ho chuka hoon. Aur ye kia bak rahi ho, tumbhi to meri behan hi ho, meri khala ki ladki, ab biwi ban gayi ho to kia? Hoon to main behnchod hi na?( Hold my cock and shake it, I am very hot and what were you saying.
I am a sister fucker, you are my aunt’s daughter, now you are my wife, so I am a real sister ucker)” Our talk was attracting my sister into our bedroom. The question was when she would dare come in and join us. We did not have to wait long. Rehana made the decision and came in. ” Bhabi, mujhe nasha ho gaya hai, kia main aapke bistar mein let saktu hoon and it is so hot here(Sister in law, I am intoxicated, can I lie here in this room, It is so hot here )” Rehana asked in a trembling voice.”
Aayo rani, lekin hum nange sote hain iss bistar par. Aur chudayi bhi karte hain, jaise Khasam log karte hain. Tere bhaijaan mujhe essey hi chod chod kar jannat dikhate hain. Meri Rehana bhi jannat dekhna chahti hai kia? Tujhe apna khasam ek raat ke liye kiraye par de deti hoon(come in darling, but we sleep naked here and fuck like husbands fuck their wives. You brother shows me heaven by fucking me. Do you want to see heaven?. I can rent you my husband for the night)”
Rehana was breathing in pants. Her hands were trembling. My wife stood up and moved towards my wife and began to undress her, slowly. Milk white naked body of my sexy sister was revealed to my eyes. I almost came as I saw my sister completely naked. She looked like a goddess. My wife looked nothin in comparison of my sister. Ilooked at Rehana as she joined us on the bed. Zahira pulled her and began to touch Rehana’s boobs. Rehana simply closed her eyes. Zahira kissed my sister’s earlobe and bit is making Rehana moan,” Ahhhh Bhbai what are you doing to me? I can’t breathe!”
Zahira smiled at me and said” Latif, teri behan garmayi hui hai. Issko mard ki zarurat hai. Iss kamre mein to aur koi mard hai nahin, tum hi isski aag bujha do na(Latif, your sister is horny and needs aman. In this room there is no other man, so why dont you cool her fire) Rehana, tum apne bhaijaan ke lund ko sparsh to kar ke dekho, shayad tujhe Shahid ke lund se achha lage, dekho kaise uthak baithak kar raha hai apni behan ko nanga dekh kar( Rehana, why dont you touch your brother’s cock, may be you will like it better than Shahid’s.
See how is it jerking)” Rehana placed her hand on my throbbing hard cock. Zahira urged her to talk dirty”Rehana tera haath kiss ko pakd raha hai?(what are you holding?)” My sister hesitated but then shyly said” Bhaijaan ka lund(brother’s cock).” My cock was twitching as my sister ran her hand up and down my hardness. A drop of pre cum fell on her fingers. Rehana looked very sexy, hot, and lustful. I couldn’t wait to fill her hot pussy with my cock!
She continued stroking my cock while my wife put her lips round my sister’s nipples and sucked them lovingly. It felt so good as my sister’s fingers were running my up and down my thick shaft. Pausing for a moment I put my hands on my sister’s asscheeks and she gasped for air.
“What is coming into your mind, Rehana? Is not your brother’s cock good? Dont you feel excited? He shoves his cock into my cunt everyday and I love it. Do you want to get your chut stuffed with this meat?” Zahira asked my sister. She nodded her assent. ” Kiss your bhaijaan’s cock then, it tastes delicious. Try it darling. Taste it with your mouth lips and then with your cunt lips, do it” Rehana pulled her face down and placed it on my cock.Her wet lips sucked on my cock
I lay on my back as Rehana bent own on her knees before my cock, raising her ass up in the air. Zahira bent behind my sister and glued her lips to my sister’s cunt. My wife’s face was under my sister’s cunt while my sister sucked my cock. “Rehana …oh fuck…ohhh suck I love your mouth on my cock….I love you sooooo….ohhhhh Allah….chuso mera lund”. I moaned.
I moaned and lifted my ass and pumped my cock faster into her face as she herlself moved her hips on my wife’s face. I could feel the hot sensation in my shaft. I felt my cum pulsating out of my hard cock. She continued sucking and pumping. I was shooting my cum into her mouth and she finished licking the cum from my cock. She held my cock in her mouth as she slapped her tongue with it. She removed her mouth from my dick. Then she kissed me and we melted together. She was so fucking hot I couldn’t stand it.
She looked into my eyes and moaned deeply, “ My husband was so cruel to me that I did not know, fucking was so pleasurable. Bhaijaan, I love your cock, I love the feel of your cock. I love Bhabijaan’s naked body. I want to be your partner in bed. I will do and say as you command. But don’t send me to Shahid, the bastard beats me, bhaijaan. I can be a whore to my own bhaijaan and bhabi but not to anyone outside family. I want to be your whore Bhaijaan, I want you to fuck me like a whore, hard, deep, fast, and loud. I want you to use me, and talk dirty with me.”
Zahira came up from under Rehana’s cunt and rested her elbows on the pillows. I sat back and watched as my sister provocatively spread her legs for me. “See, it was so easy. Rehana is begging you to fuck her hard and deep like a whore. She has not learnt ot talk dirty yet. Lets teach her that.” My wife slapped my sister hard in her ass and said” Ye hui na baat. Behan ab chudane ko hai taiyar apne bhaijaan se.
Latif se chuda kar tum Shahid se bhi chdwa logi, kion ki hum tujhe rand bana kar hi chhoden ge. Tum apne bhai ka lund to chus hi chuki ho, ab apni fuddi ko bhi lund ka swad chakha lo( Thats right/ So sister is ready to be fucked by her brother!Once Latf has fucked you, you will like it with Shahid too. We wil train you to be a slut. You have already sucked your brother’s cock, now get your cunt get the taste of his cock)”
. I moved closer to my sister and made her bend like a bitch. I brushed the tip of my tongue against her slit, which made Rehana twitch. I went crazy, eating and sucking my sister’s pussy. Rehana was writhing on the bed, her dimpled ass looked so beautiful.
“Bhai jaan chus lo apni randi behan ki choot, tum mujhe gandi baat karte sunana chahte ho, haan kha jayo meri choot, bhaijaan( suck my cunt brother. You wanted to hear me talk dirty, yes, eat my cunt).” I ate the freshly washed cunt. She tasted so sweet I was in heaven. As I was working over her pussy as my my wife took my cock in her fist, massaging it and running her fingers on my balls. I put a finger up her asshole of my sister.
“Oh bhaijaan yes, essa mat karo, gaand nahin, please!”.
I could feel her body shake and quiver as she desperately grabbed onto the bed sheets, her pussy flooded my hot face. Her sweet cream flooded from her juicy cunt into my mouth. I lapped her pussy like a dog, I didn’t want to miss the taste!
“Rehana ab let jayo, tera bhai tujhe chode ga aur tu meri chut chatogi. Mere shauhar ka lund lena hai to meri chut to chatni hi padegi( lie down, your brother will fuck you and you will lick my cunt. If you take my husband’s cock, you will have to lick my pussy)”.I went over Rehana’s naked body and began grinding my hardened cock onto her cunt. Without trying my cock eased into her pussy because she was soaked.
“Mmmmm…bhaijaaaaaaaaaa…pelte raho…..meri chut bheegi hui hai…..araaam se chodo mujeh(my cunt is wet, brother fuck my gently)” she moaned.
I began to thrust faster. She moaned in my ear.
“Bhaijaan do it, you fucking brother, fuck my hot cunt, fuck me like a fucking whore”.
I loved when my sister began to talk like a real bazaru whore. I growled, “You like that whore sister? You like my big fucking cock bitch”?
She moaned louder and answered, “Oh yes bhaijaan, Haan! Jor se chodo(fuck me harder!”
I pounded her harder, faster, deeper with every thrust. “You like my cock in your pussy, Rehana, meri randi behna? Does your brother cock feel good? …uh…”
“Oh yes Allah….mere khuda… mm… oh behnchod…mmmm… Fuck me like a fucking man!”
“You want it harder bitch”, I asked.
“Yes Latif fuck me harder bhaijaan.”
Zahira hissed at Rehana” Haramzadi, bol mat, meri chut kaun chatega? Sali apne bhai ka nahinmere shauhar se chud rahi hai tu, randi, ab meri chut chat kuttia(Bitch, dont talk, lick my pussy. You are fucking my husband and not your brother. Who will lick my pussy?)” I pulled my thick cock from her cunt and bent her on her fours so she was on her hands and knees. while my wife spread her thighs before her mouth “You want it hard slut that is what you will get.” I moaned.
I grabbed her hips and placed my cock head at the tip of her ass hole. Pulling her buttocks towards me I thrust forward. My throbbing cock disappeared into her pussy. I began sweating more. My hands traveled to her ass cheeks, kneading them, squeezing them. I licked my index finger, placed it back on Rehana’s ass and inserted it deep into her lovely ass.
“Oh fuck what are you doing bhaijaan….not in the ass…bhabi stop him…he is fingering my gaand….ahhh behnchod gaand mat…….ahhhhhh…..main mareeee.maderchod maaaaa.”
I continued fucking her juicy cunt as I fingered her asshole. I thrust my cock into her harder and harder. While fucking her I fingered her ass.
“Latif, make your sister a real slut, fuck her cunt…her ass…..she is licking my chut, the bitch. Fuck her good”
“Yes, oh fuck yes Bhaijaan I love your cock, it is so fucking thick, fuck me you bhaijaan.”
“Today is your lucky day whore, you bitch Rehana”, Zahira moaned enjoying her cunt being licked by my bitch sister. I wanted to complete my fuck session which is always incomplete without ass fuck. My whore sister was going to give her anal cherry to me now. I pulled my cock out from her wet pussy and pushed my cock head so it rested on her shit hole.
“I am going to fuck your lovely ass, sister”.
“Oh mere khuda nahin! If you have to fuck my ass, be gentle at least!” her ass felt incredibly tight. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. My balls slapped the bottom of her ass cheeks and pussy.”Oh…uh…bhai…fuck my tight whore ass. Fuck it as hard as you can…chod harami bhai!  Her words just pushed me over the edge. I immediately began to shoot my load again into her tight ass. I shot my load into her ass and collapsed on top of her.